Exploration Day

Columbus Day comic

There are compelling arguments for rededicating Columbus Day as Exploration Day. There’s a WhiteHouse.gov petition, too, if you’re interested.


Panel 1: Caption: “On October 8 we celebrate Columbus Day in honor of Christopher’s arrival in the Americas.” Christopher Columbus says, “For me? You GUYS. You shouldn’t have!”

Panel 2: Caption: “No. We probably shouldn’t have.” There are men and women being led in chains away from a tropical beach. Men with weapons and armor watch over them and there is a ship in the distance.

Panel 3: Caption: “There’s an idea out there to change Columbus Day to Exploration Day.” An astronaut clicks his heels on the moon. Caption: “We’re always exploring.” Amelia Earhart sits in her cockpit. Caption: “Discovering new things.”

Panel 4: A scientist pours a drop of liquid from a vial to an erlenmeyer flask. He looks nervous. Caption: “THAT’S worth celebrating.”


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    S. D. Browne October 9, 2012

    Great movie poster style comic. However, I don’t remember Columbus enslaving an 80’s metal band! Great work in any case :)

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      Eric M Smith October 9, 2012

      His motley crue left their ship at the dokken and got their kix at the expense of the indigenous Americans. I say enuff z’nuff for this bad holiday. Columbus was a ratt! :)

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