How to draw comics the Glimbit way

How to Draw Comics the Glimbit Way

Everything went wrong that day. The ear buds still work, though! Whew, I’ve bought too many of those already.

I’m excited to attend CCAD’s Mix 2012, a comics symposium at my alma mater. The sessions look great. Even more excited to see friends and family.


Panel 1: Hands open a tube of white gouache.

Panel 2: The bottom of the tube explodes, all over the lap, the shirt and shorts are covered in white paint.

Panel 3: At the sink, washing the shorts.

Panel 4: OH, I left my ear buds in my shorts. They may be soaking wet now, but at least they’re clean.


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    S. D. Browne October 8, 2012

    At least the artwork was saved…!?

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      Eric M Smith October 8, 2012

      Strangely, the paint ended up on just my shorts and shirt. Didn’t get any on the floor or the table and the path to the wash tub was mostly paint-free, too. A bit of luck there, I guess. :)

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