This was going to be the start of a big 8-page story that deals with loss and mashes Coleridge poetry and a Nez Perce coyote myth. I wrote it out and drew the first couple of pages, but stalled out. Something about it just wasn’t working. So you get a weird comic today. Might come back to it later.

Book of Darkness

Book of Darkness
Maybe it would be fun to read this comic, like any ghost story, at night. Under the covers with a flashlight. I love ghost stories, especially on crisp October nights.

This comic came about as a submission for Illustration Friday‘s topic of the week, “book.” Nick Marsh wrote a very enjoyable, spooky bonus story for backers of the fundraiser to print “The Express Diaries,” called, “The Ausperg Affair.” The story mentions a poor man whose love for his dead wife sends him into the occult and madness. Nick’s good Cthuluery inspired this comic.

(Oh, I’m dropping down to M-W-F comics. Going to use the extra time to improve the drawings and work on a larger project.)

Read more if you’d like to see some behind the scenes sketches and videos for “Book of Darkness.”

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A Jab for Pip, Part 2 of 2

Catjabbing 2

I can’t believe it went this easily, and with neither a towel nor a partner. (Jen was held up and I wanted to go to bed.) For a moment I thought I just squirted liquid all over his neck, but when the syringe was empty, his fur was dry. He didn’t budge, didn’t make a sound, and probably had no idea why I was hootin’ and hollarin’ when it was all done.

We’ll do it again in two weeks.

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A Jab for Pip, Part 1 of 2

Jabbing the kitten

Another cat story. Look away, anti-cat-people, I beg you. Tomorrow, too.

Pip’s losing too much weight, so we’re trying to kickstart his appetite with biweekly injections of vitamin b12. I confess, I’m not really sure what the thought was behind this, I didn’t do a good job of listening. Once the word “needle” came up, I was lost.

This comic is a pep talk. Stop by tomorrow to see how it all turned out.

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